mayer, bernadette

instability (weather)
I would eat a lilac if it were a violet
Forcing the unstable air which is swirling around us
In the northeast to thunder & lightning
This air clears itself of clouds at night
We get the lilacs but have to abandon the rhubarb
To the new tenants, a few donkies & a goat
We get the first few mustard plants & some apple blossoms
We get the coldest air of the last frost, the birds
arent even chirping properly
I must get back to the lilacs
So excited when I saw them first blooming in the back
next to the apple tree
I nearly jumped for joy my heart beats rapidly
Because they are late & we are moving
Blossoms for Lewis & Charlotte who's here
The lilacs were so far away I didnt get to them
But I wont tell, I'll go with a scissor tomorrow
The scissor I'll hide in the woods tonight
For some strange reason I'll never say
I'll never have lived a more exciting day